The big reveal

The time has finally come for us to show off what a year’s worth of work really looks like. On the 10th of May, we will unveil the car for the entire world to see. This will be an event that is open to whoever want to come and hear about our car. It will […]

We’ve got visitors

Last week we heard that another Norwegian university was interested in making their own Formula Student team and today we got a knock on our door. The University of Agder has started planning and recruitment to possibly compete in Silverstone by next year. Since they are a completely new team, they wanted to come by […]

The start of something good

We are starting to enter a rather interesting time. With all the design aspects finalised, production is coming up, but first we need to do some tests to see if everything is working as intended. Some of the groups have already started on some prototypes, testing material strength and stiffness, testing if control systems are […]

Exhibits and conventions

We here at ION Racing love to show people what we are all about. We are proud of the work we are doing and our accomplishments, and that is why we like to go to expos and talk with the people there. It gives us the opportunity to talk with other professionals, talk with sponsors, […]

Starting off the year with great news!

As we are halfway through the first month of the new year, we have already gotten great news. This year’s team is the first team from ION Racing to qualify for Formula Student Germany! That means that we will compete in both Formula Student UK in Silverstone and Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim. We see […]

Happy holidays!

The team here at ION Racing is taking some valuable time off for the holidays. We have worked hard to make sure that everything is ready to start production of the car as soon as the new year rolls in. We therefore wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

Alumni, who are they?

If you are studying at a university, you may have heard of “alumni groups”. Have you ever wondered what “alumni” means? You may be an alumnus or alumna already without you knowing it. The most important question is, what can we learn from them? “Alumni” is the plural of “alumnus” which is of Latin origin and […]